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Are you receiving the support you need from the community?

A Personal Ombudsman (Personligt ombud) is a source of support if you have a long‐term mental disability. Are you having difficulty coping with day‐to‐day life? Do you have a general need for care, support and service from the community?

The aim of a Personal Ombudsman is to assist you and ensure that you receive the help that is available. Perhaps you are already receiving help but it not sufficient. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the way help is being provided. If so, we can be of assistance to ensure you are given the service you require.

A Personal Ombudsman assists you to identify the support you may need from the community. Together we can draw up a plan for how we can work to ensure you receive the correct support.

Help from a Personal Ombudsman is available for a limited period and is not a statutory right. This means that we can say no to a request from you for assistance.

A Personal Ombudsman is independent of any public agency. We have a duty of confidentiality. Your documentation will be handed over to you or destroyed when our contact comes to an end. Contact with us is free of charge.

How can you get in touch with us?

You can phone or write to us. You also have the option of being helped by a relative, friend or member of staff.